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Will Spurs Now Collapse?

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Will Spurs Now Collapse?

Tottenham HotspursOnline gambling fans would have been all too aware that Manchester United and Manchester City were never really in significant danger of losing too much had they failed to win last weekend in the Premier League, but there was one side involved in the last round of league fixtures that had an awful lot to gain, and as such an enormous amount to lose.

You could be forgiven for thinking this side was Arsenal, a bunch who certainly haven't emerged from the weekend's games smelling of roses, but with the Gunners perhaps now on the road to getting rid of the clueless Arsene Wenger, perhaps the true losers last weekend in the eyes of those who bet on sports were Tottenham Hotspur.

With Spurs losing to a last minute goal against Manchester City, they are now in real danger of collapsing physically and mentally during what is a tough run of games for them. Combine this with the fact that their manager, Harry Redknapp, is clearly going to be a touch distracted and certainly not at the training ground as much as he should be, and you can see how easily their season could go from looking amazing to one that leaves fans of the club more demoralised than they have felt in a long time.

Having endured plenty of bad times since Arsene Wenger took charge of their local arch rivals Arsenal, the current generation of Spurs fans have never had their hopes raised as much as they have this year, even when they ended up losing out to Arsenal in the battle for a Champions League place back in the 2005/2006 season. If, and only if, they collapse again this year, then surely it will be all too much even for the most dedicated Spurs fan to take.