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Slot Machine Tips

Slot Machine TipsWhen it comes to slot machines, dispelling some of the myths about them is the best way to make players understand the basics of slot machine gaming. There's no better tip out there than to give people an insight into how slot machines work so here we go.

Slot machines, whether we're talking about the online or the 'live' variety, or even Non English speaking casinos like bet365 Japan for example, have a random number generator, which creates completely random number-combinations that eventually make up the symbol-combinations on the reels. The RNGs work all the time, and they generate several such random number combinations every second. Depending on when the player pulls the bandit's arm or pushes the spin button, the symbol combination corresponding to a given random number shows up on the reels.

There are players out there who believe that if they get up from a slot machine and the player who sits down after them hits the jackpot, it's a jackpot they themselves could've landed had they stayed a bit longer. This assumption is false. Even if they had stayed longer, they wouldn't have taken down the jackpot because they wouldn't have pulled the level in the same fraction of the second as the eventual winner.

Others are convinced that slot machines are programmed to give money away every now and then, therefore, they expect machines which have not paid for a long to hit soon. There's no basis to this belief either. Given the completely random nature of the symbol-combinations, each and every spin is completely independent from those that came before it, therefore the machine is never "due to hit". The chances of it hitting are exactly the same on each and every spin.

There is one recommendation that people should play more coins in order to better their chances at slots. Some folks misinterpret this tip, believing that the number of coins they play will influence the symbol-combinations they land. The tip is based on the fact that by playing maximum coins, in case of a win, the player will land an exponentially bigger jackpot than he would otherwise, thus his potential ROI is much better than in the case of smaller denomination-bets.

Another myth concerns the speed of play: some players believe the faster they play, the easier it will be for them to land a winning combination. In reality, they'll just burn through their bankrolls faster.

The truth is that strategy-wise, there's not much one can do to better his odds when playing slots. There are a whole bunch of things concerning slot machine selection, or online casino selection when it comes to online play. Like table selection in poker, these are extremely important in the long-run.

Not all slot machines offer the same payouts. The payouts are generally between 95-99%, and 99% is obviously better than 95%, so you should aim for that. When it comes to online slots play, the same thing is true: some casinos offer better payouts than others, and the payouts can differ from one slot machine to another. Taking advantage of the bonuses and the rake rebate type loyalty deals that most online casinos offer will also better your overall odds.