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Some More Slots Myths

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Some More Slots Myths

Slots have been around for so long that it was quite inevitable for these one-armed bandits to spawn various urban legends and myths, which – in the minds of many a gambler – still live today as reality.

Before we go anywhere on this issue, let’s make a few things clear. Slot machines work based on random number generators. These are electronic devices the job of which is to spit out several random numbers every second. When the player pulls the arm of the slot machine or hits the ‘spin’ button, a combination of symbols is eventually displayed on the reels. The combination corresponds to a random number spat out by the RNG. That’s the simple, although for many a believer – quite disappointing – principle on which slot machines work.

Now for a look at the myths – some of them more hair-raising than the others: some folks apparently think that if the tokens are warm, that means it’s about time for the machine to pay out. As ludicrous as it is, they apparently believe if the tokens were in the machine long enough to get warm, that means there hasn’t been a payout for a long while, which in turn means that he machine is quite `ripe` and due to hit any second.

This myth is taken further by some, and this is where things cross from the realm of myth into the land of funny: players have apparently attempted to trick the machine into paying out by heating the tokens before tossing them in. Some of these players have gone so far with the trick that they apparently managed to burn themselves. Does the trick work? A 3-letter word will more than answer that question: LoL.

This belief that a slot machine which hasn’t paid put a single cent for a while is due to hit has branched out into several side-myths. There are gamblers out there who are reluctant to leave the machine, fearing that someone else will step in after them and take advantage of all the hard lever-pulling and of all the money they’ve put in at it. Casinos of course love such players: after all, they do aim to keep their patrons busy and spending for as long as they have money to spend.

Some online casino patrons think that when they’re using the bonus money given to them by the site as a reward for something they’ve done at the site (sign-up, high volume play etc) they will have to contend with worse odds than other players. Online casinos offer rake-rebate like bonuses and other such perks to stimulate play. The mechanism of play remains the same for everyone: bonus beneficiaries and plain-old bonus-less players alike.

Playing online instead of a land based casino is always a good idea, partly because of the very bonus one is set to receive there. Online play is also free of the costs associated with traveling to the casino and getting food and accommodation there.

The bottom line: try hunting for bonuses instead of heating your tokens with a pocket lighter. That approach will take you much further.

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