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Do Arsenal Need To Score In Milan?

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Do Arsenal need to score in Milan to stand a chance?

Arsenal Football ClubMost punters who bet on sport seem to have decided to write off Arsenal's chances of progressing through to the next round of the Champions League following their draw against a team doing pretty well in their own league (AC Milan) but there is danger involved in writing the Gunners off as quickly as this.

If, on Wednesday night, the Gunners can secure either an away win or draw at the home of AC Milan in the famous San Siro, we could well be in for a second leg that provides a few shocks in a competition that is known for favouring attacking teams in the away leg and a defensive performance at home.

With Arsenal having previously won 5-1 and 2-0 at the San Siro, it's hard to suggest that the Gunners are going to feel afraid in Italy, what with their history of success in a ground that has become a fortress for AC Milan this year. What the Gunners can't afford to happen, though, is to leave Italy without having scored a goal, or else they'll be risking leaving themselves open to just a single strike in the Emirates knocking them out. Therefore a popular betting line by punters is for both teams to score in Italy to set up an intriguing second leg.

Although Arsenal have not exactly enjoyed an amazing away record in the Premier League this year, they are not a pushover and are unlikely to be left feeling overawed by the crowd in Italy in what can be a hostile atmosphere in one of the biggest grounds in Europe. With this in mind, the Gunners will need to prove that they can raise their game at the crucial time, in the process showing they aren't a dying force just yet